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On this page, we invite you to browse the news and development of our products. In our varied range, from the design and effectiveness in environmental protection through a comfort, you will not fail to find a reference that attracts you.

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Neoflame Design

New collections, creations, events, promotions,… over the trends and events, find here everything you need to know about the news Neoflame Design.

Noeflame Design. In each of the partner stores worldwide or you will find the same spirit Univeco through the collections and services.
Univeco creates and publishes its own exclusive designs, delivers and installs worldwide.

Neoflame Design Values

Neoflame Design is also responsible, commited to a comprehensive approach of respecting refined materials and the world around us. Becoming better every day, contunuously seeking ways to reduce impacts on our environment is one our core values.
We invite you to discover on this site the blend of creativity, customization and responsibility wich shapes the individuality of Neoflame Design and its collections.

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Wood fires regulated in city and suburbs!

The reason is that the fires generate significant pollution by fine particles (half a day by the fire emits as many fine particles as a diesel car that would roll over 3,500 kms!) And France began taking measures already adopted, including the United States (eg California).



While making your fireplace?

Keep the magic and the presence of fire with secure burnerNEOFLAME put into your existing fireplace
Place an electronic ethanol burner NEOFLAME in an old fireplace has many benefits:
– A beautiful contemporary design in perfect harmony with the old
– More fetching wood and soot
– More soot: ethanol combustion releases only water vapor and CO2 as the respiration of a human being
– By plugging your ear easily with rock wool, you will heat your room as with a powerful electric heater (2.5 to 4.5 kW). All the energy of combustion is kept in the room while a traditional wood fire retains only 15-20% of this energy.
You also have the option to insert the burner between two andirons to keep a more rustic side.

Recall that the products NEOFLAME are market leaders; they were not only among the first to meet the safety standard D35-386 whose main duties are: the impossibility of hot restrike, the impossibility of filling or access to fuel operation and shutdown automatic if CO2 levels exceeding 0.8% in the room, but also they have a removable tank for even more convenience and safety (filling can take place over a sink, not squatting in front of the fireplace in the living room).

Bio ethanol Axifuel is a non-fossil fuel green from the distillation plant.
We selected to ensure maximum comfort. A liter of bioethanol produced approximately 7kw Axifuel during use with a yield close to 100%
Depending on the devices, self varies from 3 to 9 hours.

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Neoflame becomes the first official Distributor of Starline and Sublima

As of 1 January 2016, the online store becomes 1st Official Distributor of StarLine and Sublima brands. This new initiative will allow us to get even closer to our consumers.

This new partnership for Neoflame fully reflects the expanding vision of Switzerland brand products of high quality.
Indeed Neoflame wishes to be close to the consumer and will provide an international quality service.
This new initiative will allow us to get even closer to our consumers. This new partnership for Neoflame fully reflects the expanding vision of Switzerland brand products of high quality Neoflame.
Neoflame is synonymous of elegance, modernity, Confidence and Design. Fireplaces and stoves bio-ethanol, electronic burners ethanol inserts for heating and decoration, for inside and outside.

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Ethanol burner Neoflame

To revitalize your living room, nothing like the warmth of a real flame

Maximum security
Our burners are in accordance with international standards, equipped with security systems and self-regulated
enjoy the joy of a fire with confidence.

100% customizable

Choose from our products or those of our partners do you make a custom cabinet

The most beautiful flame market
Fire Univeco ensures the best burning quality market with great light and flame, no odor and incredible heat. You no longer need a conduit to enjoy the warmth of a fire.

Completely secure and standards
At the heart of our products: an active safety system second generation Chimney Ductless bio-ethanol that gives you maximum security and optimal quality of combustion certified without harmful emissions.

Fireplaces 100% customizable
Our ethanol burners are adaptable to your chimneys. Choose a dress standard, custom, or among the many choices of our partners.

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Neoflame reinvents ethanol fireplace!

Well, in Switzerland, we design modern fireplaces, easy to use, beautiful to look at.

A Neoflame fireplace is sleek, elegant, luminescent and light.  With beautiful, clean and regular flames that dance in the fireplace, it gives you a comfortable, warm and cosy atmosphere.


A Neoflame fireplace is unique

It’s customizable by using a combination of shapes, designs and interchangeable colors.

It’s user-friendly, adaptable to all interiors and exteriors: with a wide choice of sizes and burner technologies. It is easy to install for immediate use, remote control or manual, and no need for  a flue, no installation work needed, no smoke or dust and permanently odor-free.

In terms of technology, our goal is to design a truly intelligent fireplace that provides maximum ease of use.  So, we decided to build the burner around a microprocessor, run by a software programme that manages all the key functions: filling the fuel, automatic ignition, burner-power, with an LCD screen allowing you to programme burning time and extinction.

As a result, Neoflame fireplaces are the most pleasant and intelligent fireplaces on the market!

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Neoflame Luxury Sublima

Neoflame Luxury Sublima
Neoflame attaches great attention to the exceptional quality of its customer service through a network devoted exclusively to Luxury Signature services.

Design and Technology
To create the facilities of the house the most exclusive in the world, Neoflame Luxury Sublima combines innovative design, technology and luxury beauty.

Handmade in France from the finest materials to achieve a perfect finished product. Fireplaces and equipment Neoflame Luxury Sublima have become a symbol of luxury and the key input in a world of unique experiences and a beautiful life. With ease.

The expert
He has over 7 years, Neoflame Luxury Sublima brought together leading experts in security industries, aerospace and computer products to create the most unique in the world.
Each stack is composed of hundreds of components, each designed and manufactured exclusively for Univeo Luxury Sublima and inserted manually.
Univeco assembles stacks with greater accuracy, and adds his custom signature once the perfect finished product obtained.

Innovative materials
The vast creativity of our team has pushed the limits of the technologically possible, with dozens of patents, designs, copyrights, filed over the past five years.

Idea of a symphony
Three years of work were needed to our team of experts to develop our system Axijet.
The results have become standards in high technology on a fireplace.

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The progress of technology, Neoflame

Designer, Manufacturer and Leader, Neoflame bases its reputation on a unique expertise in furniture design, efficient heating and interior design, garden furniture, combining technological excellence and the awakening of emotions.

So, Neoflame are: beautiful, user-friendly, intelligent and above all safe.
Amazingly, our efforts to transform the world of electronic ethanol fireplaces, have opened our eyes to a whole new world of ideas for new products, always beautiful intelligent and useful.

– Ethanol fireplaces,
– Ethanol electronic burners
– Radiators, planchas,
– Braziers,
– Garden candles, and
– Design furniture.

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Univeco lifestyle

Leader of high quality products, Univeco lifestyle has a portfolio of over 50 prestigious brands including fifteen of their own, each ambassador comfort and lifestyle. Univeco lifestyle, is the art of living with the best possible comfort, technological innovation and the requirement of Swiss design.


We are delighted to welcome you to the world of VerySmartShop store. Certified Partner network Univeco Marketplace. is specialized in the sale of equipment, furniture and contemporary items for the home, garden and welfare >> No.1 Innovation and Design.


The fun besides! NEOFLAME ethanol fireplace is the fireplace without constraint or risk, home or apartment owner or renter, just for the pleasure of your evenings by the fire. Last but not least enjoy the fireplace NEOFLAME is also and we are proud, the best quality / price ratio on the market!

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