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A world leader in high quality products.
Neoflame is a brand specialized in the development and manufacture of decorative fireplaces.
The desire for a better requirement and effectiveness, always looking for originality for its unique products, and the respect for the environment are the details that occur in each fireplaces decorative Neoflame.
Product category: fireplaces and accessories – garden decor – decorative objects – design – customizable objects
is synonym of luxury, design, innovation, quality and performance.

Our History

It is in the early 2000s, the Univeco lifestyle network has seen the day. Present throughout the world, in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East, it is from the Cantons of Vaud and Valais in Switzerland, near Lausanne, than the brand Neoflame by Univeco designs, selects and develops its collections.
The objective is to bring together the know-how and expertise of the founders around a simple vision: create the fireplaces and burners that are useful and of high quality, innovative and comfortable, while being environmentally responsible.
In addition to experience in the fields of expertise, design and new technologies, we have always been passionate about furniture design and attracted by renewable energies.
While responding to solutions and the different design, our chimneys, burners and accessories all share this same philosophy of quality, respect for nature, our values, and our ideas in the service of the comfort of the habitat.

Quality and know-how Switzerland recognized accuracythe use of noble and ecological materials offer a pleasant environment and constant innovation. It is therefore this alliance of the art of living in habitat, the electronic expertise, and the respect of the world that surrounds us that we have created the signature Universal Ecology which later became Neoflame by Univeco Fire, then Neoflame ®.

Neoflame, Switzerland and creator of contemporary equipment manufacturer.
More that a brand name, Neoflame is an innovative concept which based its reputation on a knowledge make unique in creation, combining technological excellence and the awakening of the emotions.
Thus do we reinvented the modern fireplace, creating the first burner electronic ethanol, programmable, equipped with a screen and a remote control, with a cover design, and accessible to all.
All fireplaces and burners Neoflame are approved, tested and patented products.
Whether you’re working on renovating your fireplace or simply looking for a solution ‘all in one’, Neoflame offers a wide range of innovative products designed to meet all your fireplace needs.

About our fireplaces

No flues of fireplaces! No gas! No smoke! This means that everyone can enjoy the warmth of a real flame. Neoflame fireplaces run on bioethanol and therefore do not need neither a duct vent, or an external connection (such as electricity or gas).
Neoflame in all styles of decoration. The natural yellow flame emanate from the chimney, instantly created a warm atmosphere.
Whether in a home or in an apartment, on a balcony or in a garden, winter or summer, Neoflame fireplaces can be easily attached to a wall, placed on the ground in an open space or place it on a table.

Design and Designers – Univeco Studio

In recent years, our catalogue has undergone changes and has welcomed new products.
For Univeco Studio, the design is never an end in itself. It is a mode of expression which serves to communicate its values and its vision and unify the form and functions. We imagine furniture designed to be both beautiful and functional, to meet a certain idea that we have of the design: Design to live.
While traditional fireplaces are always desired and outdated, they are also becoming increasingly incompatible with modern housing and current trends in the respect for the environment. Fireplace Neoflame presents a solution to these problems.


Bioethanol is a renewable energy source produced from the fermentation of sugars or starches derived from wheat, maize, sugar beets, sugar cane, see even from all sources of organic waste that allow harvest of alcohol.
Bioethanol is composed entirely of organic products.
Ethanol is used to fuel the bioethanol fireplaces. Bioethanol fireplaces are a ‘green’ alternative that brings additional heat as part of the new houses so-called “passive” for example, or a fantastic option in the apartments without a chimney.

AxiFuel ® is a revolutionary new fuel for use in fireplaces Neoflame. Its bottle is secure, making it ultra-sur when handling. AxiFuel is a clean, non-toxic, fuel that does not produce soot or smoke. It is a renewable, eco-friendly… and totally green energy

How it works

Bioethanol fireplaces are revolutionary and environmentally friendly. They require no chimney ducts and do not need an external connection (such as electricity or gas).
Bioethanol fireplaces use denatured alcohol, “bioethanol”. They are easy to use and maintain; There is no smoke, no ash and there is no risk of ejection of embers out of the chimney.

Neoflame fireplaces have been designed to be confused at best in the decoration of your home or in your outdoor space. The elegant look will find its place both in classic and modern interiors.
Their natural yellow flames create a warm atmosphere. In a house or an apartment, on a balcony or in a garden, they can be easily hung on the wall, placed in an open space or placed on a table.
Unlike the combustion of wood, bioethanol fireplaces emit no harmful or carcinogenic fumes by burning. This is why it doesn’t have a vent. Combustion emits a small amount of steam to water and carbon dioxide. Bioethanol offers a clean flame, therefore, your walls become not wet and you won’t find soot on your ceilings.

How can I use a fireplace for bioethanol?
Take the time to properly read the instruction manual before using your fireplace for bioethanol.
A bioethanol fireplace is very easy to use. Just pour the bioethanol in the burner using the funnel and turn on with a long lighter. A beautiful yellow flame appears after a few minutes and your room heats up instantly.
Unlike traditional fireplaces in wood that require a lot of manipulation, the bioethanol fireplace is easy to use, clean and “green”!
The chimneys Neoflame require no installation and are fully mobile.


Neoflame is a point of honour to present quality products and comply with the latest standards of safety.
As such, Neoflame is part of different professional associations that establish and modify every moment the safety standards on the basis of the latest technologies.
More secure. Ways did
Manufactured to exacting standards, the safety of the Neoflame range is rigorously tested and put to the test by independent bodies. Of draconian tests are carried out on all of the operating characteristics and safety:
-Pre-market, our homes are, in addition to those imposed by the current and international standards, tests of endurance, strength and comfort to the use by the office of study and control Verysta (Verysta – Expert approved the CNPP INSSI testing laboratory * No. 95 – 1038).
Neoflame products are guaranteed for 2 years around the world.
The guarantee will be applied based on the proof of purchase and only dealer or the fireplace was purchased.
All Neoflame products are manufactured with stainless steel and steel high quality powder coating, certified ISO 9001.
Products tested and approved

Neoflame is a story of invention

Designer and creator of the AxiJet © iD-Living Technology Intelligent Fire System, we have already filed several patents in the areas of home automation, the ease of use and energy regulation.
Service Development Univeco creates permanent homes and innovative accessories just wondering: Are there better ways? Y is there any other ideas? What do the panels? Can we be more efficient?
Always in search for suitable, sustainable and high quality solutions, we design high-quality products designed to be both beautiful and functional, to meet a certain idea of ​​comfort and design, design to live.
What distinguishes us is that we bring as much attention to the ease of use of our equipment as performance techniques. Its functions should be evident in themselves. Adjustments should be arranged logically to be understood and handled on the first take in hand. We must remember that technology is at the service of man and not man serving technology.
Improve things, develop new products and to join the useful design.
This leads to invention and new technology. We promise that we will continue to stop at nothing to surprise you, to impress you, to continue to provide you with experiences that inspire you.

Neoflame Design, it is the art of living with the best possible comfort, technological innovation and the requirement of the Switzerland design.

Your team Neoflame design

Neoflame is a Swiss brand that specializes in the creation and manufacturer of decorative fireplaces. Leader in high quality products. is the showcase site of the brand Neoflame, Sublima, AxiFuel and SavorCook (Online catalog on Located at 1262 Eysins (VD), Switzerland –
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Neoflame design is represented in the U.S. by Univeco lifestyle located in Miami and its U.S. partners specializing in electronic components and logistics.

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Univeco lifestyle

Leader of high quality products, Univeco lifestyle has a portfolio of over 50 prestigious brands including fifteen of their own, each ambassador comfort and lifestyle. Univeco lifestyle, is the art of living with the best possible comfort, technological innovation and the requirement of Swiss design.


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The fun besides! NEOFLAME ethanol fireplace is the fireplace without constraint or risk, home or apartment owner or renter, just for the pleasure of your evenings by the fire. Last but not least enjoy the fireplace NEOFLAME is also and we are proud, the best quality / price ratio on the market!

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