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Univeco Marketplace Sublima Selects, the leading high quality products, is meant to symbolize the elegance and creativity.
Sublimated Selects brings dreams in life through its product selections and the culture they represent, combining tradition, modernity and fun to use.

Selects sublimated has prestigious brands in several areas:

A unique portfolio of prestigious brands
Be amazed by the new generation, objects and equipment design Univeco.
Discover the innovative concept of the boutique “Sublima Selection”, sale of equipment, furniture and accessories prestigious world exclusive. You will have the privilege to buy items Ultimate Excellence Collection usually found. You can enjoy a pioneering place where luxury and exceptional service will seduce you.
Our objective is to create products and furniture, of a chic contemporary design that radiates beauty and incorporates intelligent systems that facilitate everyday use. At Univeco we imagine new models to meet the needs and desires of tomorrow.

Sublima Selects: Genève – Paris – Londres – Miami.

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Univeco lifestyle

Leader of high quality products, Univeco lifestyle has a portfolio of over 50 prestigious brands including fifteen of their own, each ambassador comfort and lifestyle. Univeco lifestyle, is the art of living with the best possible comfort, technological innovation and the requirement of Swiss design.


We are delighted to welcome you to the world of VerySmartShop store. Certified Partner network Univeco Marketplace. is specialized in the sale of equipment, furniture and contemporary items for the home, garden and welfare >> No.1 Innovation and Design.


The fun besides! NEOFLAME ethanol fireplace is the fireplace without constraint or risk, home or apartment owner or renter, just for the pleasure of your evenings by the fire. Last but not least enjoy the fireplace NEOFLAME is also and we are proud, the best quality / price ratio on the market!

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