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The ethanol fireplaces is Neoflame !
"Needless to resist"
The fireplace of every day, At its best.
Neoflame manufactures devices with high precision and technical avant-garde - the base material to finished product.
Made in Switzerland

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Fireplace ethanol Fire Bench AxiJet I-Blue Automatic Neoflame electronics. NeoflameDesign

Fireplace ethanol Fire Bench AxiJet I-Blue Automatic Neoflam

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Burner electronic ethanol AxiJet I-Blue Automatic Neoflame. NeoflaneDesign

Burner electronic ethanol AxiJet I-Blue Automatic Neoflame (

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Fireplace bio ethanol Floating Frame Alpina 3 L luxury Neoflame Design. NeoflameDesign

Bio fireplace ethanol Floating Frame Alpina 3L luxury Design

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Neoflame Design

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> Neoflame design. Discover our products and selections for the home and garden: House and moods, Garden and Leisure.

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Neoflame flueless fireplaces have a unique design and a high-quality finish. A combination of exclusive design and the warmth of fire. The flueless fireplaces are easy to attach to the wall or to place in open spaces. The open fire will be created by using a special liquid (bio-ethanol). A flue is not necessary. Due to the high-quality materials used, these fireplaces designed and manufactured in Switzerland are suitable for use both inside and outside, on the patio or balcony. Neoflame stands for Stylish, Modern, Trustworthy and Design.

A unique portfolio of prestigious brand

Valuation of brand image is part of Univeco lifestyle heritage, and we constantly enrich and develop while remaining true to their roots.
Originally Neoflame designs and manufactures the largest selection of Bio Ethanol fireplaces with brands Neoflame and Sublima Collection.
Univeco lifestyle, it is also the specialty retailer of contemporary equipment for the home, garden and well-being. We want to bring the dream in life through our products and the culture they represent, combining tradition and modernity.

Neoflame, creator of products and furniture design, clever and useful

We offer a range of revolutionary flue less fireplaces; bioethanol fireplaces Neoflame.
Are you looking for a bio-ethanol fireplace to convert your wood or gas fireplace?
Are you looking to renovate and want to include a fireplace without flue?
Are you looking to update your interior with the ambiance of a flame ?
Or are you simply looking to create an entertaining atmosphere for your outdoor patio or balcony?
Now it is possible to have a stunning “green” fireplace without a flue, the cost and fuss of plumbing gas or the ongoing issue of cleaning your fireplace.
At Neoflame®, we offer you a range of innovative flue less fireplaces that can meet all of your needs.

We invented the ethanol fireplace and planchas,…For all seasons

“We didn’t invent fire, we have regulated” by Univeco studio.
Elegant design, minimalist warm and perfect view of the game flame, Neoflame sets a new standard for fireplace and home automation. The intelligent beauty, for a naturally soothing atmosphere and a design that warms the heart.
All our fireplaces, burners and planchas, designed in Switzerland, and manufactured with great precision and technical avant-garde.
According to local/regional/national/international regulations.

Neoflame sets standards worldwide

Over the years, our internal development team is able to improve our products. Making them even more economical and easy to use, Univeco meets the specific needs of its customers.
Methods for 3D tech development and structures of complex laboratory facilitate the development and targeted to the sale design.

New technologies

Intuitive, user friendly and easy to use. Our AxiJet – Intelligent Fire System operating system ethanol fireplace is the most advanced in the world with its automatic performance that allows optimum utilization of fuel, but also a brand new set of flame magic in every season.

Neoflame creation and design

The best of Manufacture and Swiss Design. To guarantee maximum comfort, safety and quality, with prices adjusted and very competitive. With Neoflame is the comfort and lifestyle Western, technological innovation and the requirement of Swiss design. Joint us on

Our partner Univeco lifestyle is the specialist in the sale of equipment, furniture and contemporary objects for the home, garden and well-being > N ° 1 innovation and Design.
Neoflame design is represented in the U.S. by Univeco lifestyle located in Miami and its U.S. partners specializing in electronic components and logistics.

Innovation >

Safe fireplaces that incorporates the requirements of the best standards, with home automation, user interface, LCD screen, remote control, electronic gause and actively safe electronics.
The comfort of bio ethanol heating or decorative fireplace fire, with all the friendliness of a beautiful flame, summer and winter.
The energy of nature - efficient and ecological at the same time.

Univeco lifestyle

Leader of high quality products, Univeco lifestyle has a portfolio of over 50 prestigious brands including fifteen of their own, each ambassador comfort and lifestyle. Univeco lifestyle, is the art of living with the best possible comfort, technological innovation and the requirement of Swiss design.


We are delighted to welcome you to the world of VerySmartShop store. Certified Partner network Univeco Marketplace. is specialized in the sale of equipment, furniture and contemporary items for the home, garden and welfare >> No.1 Innovation and Design.


The fun besides! NEOFLAME ethanol fireplace is the fireplace without constraint or risk, home or apartment owner or renter, just for the pleasure of your evenings by the fire. Last but not least enjoy the fireplace NEOFLAME is also and we are proud, the best quality / price ratio on the market!

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